What’s in my bag

A photographer needs one thing. A camera.

However, as I am sure you all know, sometimes just the camera is not enough!

There are mundane items such as straps and batteries, to cooler things like lenses, tripods, lighting, accessories and all kinds of other fun things which can be added to a camera which will help you get the images you want and to enhance them, and the experience of carrying a camera.

If you’re serious about your photographs looking amazing, you go further down the rabbit hole into editing software, graphics tablets and a thousand different things.

I’m not here to talk about everything today, only what I carry around with me day to day.

What’s in MY bag?

Let’s start off with the camera. I carry the Fuji X-PRO2.
An amazing camera with a 24 megapixel sensor.

Being predominately a street photographer, I like small prime lenses.
So I have the 23mm f/2 and the 35mm f/2. They’re both tiny, and fast to focus, and super sharp.
I’m always torn between which one to take out with me, so I throw them both in my bag because they’re lightweight.

I also carry a 56mm f/1.2 lens, for more personal portraits and beautifully crafted shots. It’s rare this gets used though.

Rokinon are well known for their amazing manual lenses. Mine is the 12mm f2 lens. Super sharp, and pretty small!


Fuji has been great – they allow the same battery to be used in both of my camera bodies, and so I have 5 spare batteries. Don’t want to run out of juice before my 3rd coffee of the day! Carrying 5 means I also rarely carry a charger around with me. Space saving!

Lenspen and cloth for cleaning my lens – lots of rain means lots of wiping!

Memory cards – 6 of these 32GB SanDisk memory cards. In case of failure, or fullness, I’m covered.

A shutter release. Rarely used because the Fuji’s are great in low light (although do have a bunch of noise at 1600 and above) while being handheld, but if I have a tripod with me, I’ll use it for long exposures.

Speaking of tripods, I use the Gitzo GT-1542 – carbon fiber so super lightweight and a beautiful grey color instead of the typical black tripods.

That’s pretty much it for the main compartment of my bag.
I have a 13″ laptop and charger. Lucky to have found a perfectly portable and powerful machine from Dell.

Super Mario Kart is on the front of an old Nintendo DS pouch which carries a USB charger, 2TB external hard drive and a bunch of other cables.

Business cards, pens, headphones, and a case with a few different filters on – in case of a beautiful vista I’d like to capture.

That’s pretty much it! Sounds like a lot, but when it’s in the bag, and on your back, it’s nothing!

Oh – that leads me to what my bag actually is! Manfrotto MB MS-BP-IGR in green – without doubt the best bag I’ve owned for a long time – and that’s saying something coming from a Billingham Hadley Pro owner!

So there you have it – what’s in my bag? All that stuff!

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