Jamie Bright


I’m a street photographer, I take pictures of people going about their every day business.

Born in East London, and now living in Oregon. I’m a Husband, as well as a Father to 3 beautiful children.

I’ve always had a love for photography, but since moving to the USA my passion grew and grew.

My goal is to capture the identity of the people whom I am photographing. Some shots are actually staged, or agreed upon by the people on the street. Can you tell which ones are and which are not?

The name Snapping Shark comes from my love of street photography – circling around, waiting for the next fish in the ocean to appear before my lens.

I shoot with Fujifilm cameras.
Fujifilm’s history, their beautiful color rendering, alongside the simple yet customizable cameras were the main reasons I choose Fujifilm for my photography needs. The lenses are meticulously designed with the user in mind, and they are always making software firmware updates available to push the capabilities further without negative repercussions.

This website is just my story and my vision of the world around me.